Burnout CRASH! Leaderboards


Master of CRASH!

We have now created leaderboards for Burnout CRASH! We are showing the top 300 players on each level so all you have to do is play Burnout CRASH on either PS3 or XBox 360 and then post your scores on your BurnoutAholics.com profile.

Remember that we also have the Master of Crash competition going. Registering all your scores, even the less impressive ones will improve your chances as the Master of Crash leaderboard is based on the total of all your scores.

WindRush & 1st

WindRush & 2nd

WindRush & 3rd

Skywing & 1st

Skywing & 2nd

Skywing & 3rd

Seacrest & 1st

Seacrest & 2nd

Seacrest & 3rd

Roswell & 1st

Roswell & 2nd

Roswell & 3rd

Rockham & 1st

Rockham & 2nd

Rockham & 3rd

Blueclaw & 1st

Blueclaw & 2nd

Blueclaw & 3rd

Update your profile with your Burnout CRASH! scores to join the competition!


ZombieTron's picture

Still haven't completed all of the events for the boards we have yet tho. Will try to get more done today. But, after seeing Xandu score over 200 million today, I think I am going to be at the bottom of the boards for a while!

Need to unlock better cars, and get lots more practice in!!!

Xandu's picture

I've now added 27 more leaderboards. I have also added a direct link to where you can register the scores. I've registered most of mine now, but still missing a couple that I have not completed yet.

-- The Creator --

Xandu's picture

I just published the remaining 18 leaderboards for Burnout CRASH!

-- The Creator --

evil_mumm_ra's picture

I'm new, interested in highscores obviously. Hi!

Xandu's picture

Hi and welcome. The more people we have fighting for the number one spot the more fun it will be! Burnout players are normally very competitive so I'm surprised that not more people have joined the competition.

-- The Creator --