Possible hints of new game content?

If you check out the new criterion jobs section of the site there are a few clues to possible future content.


Audio Designer - Contract

Audio artists create the soundtrack, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions and ambient effects that bring the game to life.



Animator - Contract

Join our driving experience team and bring to life our driver and vehicle animations.

This, to me at least, seems to point towards there being characters in the vehicles. The fact that they require voices may just mean generic shouts "get outta the way" etc. or it could point towards an SSX style with exaggerated characters with different styles and behaviours.


ZombieTron's picture

A Criterion Games racing game with a proper story perhaps? Well, as they always want to do something new, that sure would be new for them.

I am semi-sure it will be an NFS game, so it would fit more with that series to have a playable character instead of you just choosing your car.

Nice piece of detective work hn6! cool