Hall of Shame - Spammer directory

Spammers beware! If you post content that violates our Terms of use  your details will be posted on this page. To break this down: If you are a new member and post any links or text promoting any product you will most likely find yourself on this page within minutes!

So without further ado, we present a (constantly growing) list of people or companies who have spammed us. And since they love spam so much, we've even hyperlinked their email address so that other fellow spammers can easily get in touch with them.

Date Username E-mail IP-address Country City
2012-09-23 melina36 1millionkvepalai@seosoup.net    
2012-09-23 sheritayk nattleezen@hotmail.com    
2012-09-23 Ridrots xtvbnneawpywherai@yahoo.co.uk    
2012-07-11 shantelle143 liezelee@gmail.com      
2012-06-19 udfkjdfg21 wellranagci72@hotmail.com      
2012-06-19 honey1 l791636496@yahoo.cn      
2012-06-19 cindy xiaoqian07002076@sina.com      
2012-06-19 Nicolegwp cathikitty@hotmail.com      
2012-06-19 finlay wangwuabcd@hotmail.com      
2012-06-19 candy binbinchen1227@yahoo.com      
2012-06-19 haquanghong haquanghong@hotmail.com Vietnam Hanoi
2012-06-15 coulpneloda94 coulpneloda94@hotmail.com India Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore
2012-06-14 juncbattlecrest1977 coegranboatack61@hotmail.com India Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore
2012-06-14 wordtoveta1979 borwealthrepli50@hotmail.com India Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore
2012-06-11 lyndon lyndon515@yahoo.cn China Beijing
2012-06-05 wedcostume4 wedcostume4@yahoo.com USA Idaho
2012-06-01 foxin q1018678331@yahoo.cn      
2012-05-30 inhngb1 jnhngb1@hotmail.com      
2012-05-28 leslie chenkai871128@gmail.com      
2012-05-24 travelerly travelerly@163.com USA Cathedral City
2012-05-23 vadam xiaoqian07002076@163.com China Beijing
2012-05-23 aaroncruise

aaroncruise22@yahoo.com China Beijing
2012-05-05 howke howket1@gmail.com      
2012-05-03 cha76

chachang76@163.com USA Winona Lake
2012-04-29 lina

lina2336621y@gmail.com USA San Jose
2012-04-17 xiongli wangyuqin917@yahoo.cn USA New York
2012-04-16 qusiba

376984748@qq.com USA Los Angeles
2012-04-14 yolandazeng yolandazeng@msn.cn USA Los Angeles
2012-04-14 landy999 timdao52@yahoo.com USA Los Angeles
2012-04-14 sinian

sinian3154@yahoo.com USA Scranton
2012-04-09 chapman

candywy09@gmail.com USA Scranton
2012-04-05 Rechine

zhouliqin333@163.com China Putian
2012-04-03 nijh1

chenlibin1@gmail.com China Putian
2012-03-31 feiling99

feiling99@gmail.com China Hefei
2012-03-30 sa12xy sa12xy@yeah.net China Beijing
2012-03-30 anthsfasom

dfhdfjgfjgfj@hotmail.com China Beijing
2012-03-28 jimmy512

hfdghfd70@yahoo.com Republic of Korea Kwanghuidong
2012-03-28 android2012


2012-03-28 Sergey06

ye.angle@yahoo.com USA San Jose, California
2012-03-23 wang0101 wangcuixia123@yahoo.com USA San Mateo, California
2012-03-21 yuichi

yuichijunigida@gmail.com Pakistan Karachi
2012-03-20 alice alice131412@yahoo.com United Arab Emirates Dubai
2012-03-20 Sanders111 fanfchengzxl@yahoo.com China Beijing