BurnoutAholics.com T-Shirt Auction!



Do you want a unique BurnoutAholics.com T-Shirt? We have three 2011 Limited Edition BurnoutAholics.com T-shirts for sale.

BurnoutAholics.com 2011 T-shirtBurnoutAholics.com 2011 T-Shirt

Only 8 of these T-Shirts were printed so it is a truly unique item. The proceeds will go to a good cause, i.e. to cover the cost of running BurnoutAholics.com.

We will sell the T-Shirts in a silent auction. The minimum bid will be 15.00 USD. Send a private message to Xandu stating what T-shirt you want to buy, how much you are willing to pay and what country it will be shipped to. The subject of the message must be the SKU of the t-shirt you want as listed below. You can bid on as many of the T-shirts you want as many times you want We will get back to you with details on how to pay if you win the auction(s).
The following T-shirts are available.

  • XL 2011 Limited Edition BurnoutAholics.com T-Shirt (SKU-BOAT2011XL-1)

  • XL 2011 Limited Edition BurnoutAholics.com T-Shirt (SKU-BOAT2011XL-2)

  • L 2011 Limited Edition BurnoutAholics.com T-Shirt (SKU-BOAT2011L-1)

T-Shirt details: Anvil, 99% Cotton - 1% Other Fibers, Light Gray, Pre-shrunk

We will be able to ship these t-shirts to Europe, North America and Oceania. Cost of packaging and shipping is as follows:
Europe: 8.00 USD
North America and Oceania: 15.00 USD

Method of payment: PAYPAL only!

Provided we have valid bids the auction will end 26.06.2013.


Eurone75's picture

Do we need to pay for the shipping too aside from the bid or will it be included already?

ZombieTron's picture

Shipping will be added to the bid as stated above. So if you bid 22 and live in Europe the total will be 30.