Got any suggestions for Burnout related polls?

If any of you got any suggestions for Burnout related polls please add them as a reply to this topic. If we decide to use it you will get points

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Just idle curiosity on my part to see how the site is split.

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Thanks for the suggestion! The poll has been added and you just earned 1 addiction point .

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What is the best game of the series, all formats, all consoles etc.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when its going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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I have put up a best Burnout Poll but just with the released games - I can't do one exactly how you suggested as it would need about 50 choices! I will do a best format for Burnout one maybe next week. Thanks for the suggestion - I have asked Xandu to award you with your addiction points.

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I've given you 1 point for the poll SUFFUR... and I've taken one point away from you Zom

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We have the Speedo now how about a Horn, so you could scare the crap out of people concentrating to much


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hahaa boot that would be fun!!!


The harder to play every game makes you more a winner the cheating to the top!(it's like the needler got on Steroids!)

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

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With the burnout team bigging up the PS3, is anyone considering buying one to play Paradise?


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Cheers hn6, your poll has now been created and you have been awarded 1 addiction point!

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Calling all BurnoutAholics... Your site needs You! To come up with some good Poll ideas, cos I am all out of good ideas!!

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Feel free to use some of the better known locations like the Airfield, Big Surf, over the Gas Station, the Quarry, Read Lane, Rockridge Dam, South Bay Expressway, Uphill Steps, or 'other.'  (BTW, how many options can you add the to the polls?)

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- Best locations to Barrel Roll, Drift, drive into Oncoming traffic, Boost Chain, Showtime, etc.

- Favorite online Challenges.

- Best size of lobby (prefer the 3 player, 5 player or 8 player challenges?)

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I think they should patch in some form of instant replay that you could save and download your best runs, high scores, or a knarly 8 car pileup. onto portable media,or your favorite site such as Burnoutaholics.Michael Callahan PSN id callahan05



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Im not very good with polls {unless im dancing round one  } i thought about it long and hard....i thought with my recent blog this poll should try and coincide with it and i was thinking how about a poll to see how many people on this site play Revenge and how many play Paradise?........i know obviously more people are playing Paradise as its a new game but i just wanted to see just how many people on here share the same passion as i do?......


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Lets see how this runs

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Hey! Heres an idea! (unless you've done it before)


What's you favourite area in Burnout Paradise?

(As in White mountain, Downtown paradise, and the rest... Not Big surf island though cuz that'll definately win!

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simple ones like :

fav type of car (aggressive, speed or stunt)

best game console (xbox 360, ps3 ,ps2 Xbox, PC )

strategies in races (stay first all the way, stay around 2nd/3rd until the end where you boost the last 0.3 miles to the finish, get to the front and takedown everything that try's to come near you or tkae completely different root to everyone else and suprise em at the end)

uhh hmm wot about whuch view (view from front bumper or view where you can see the whole car)

thats all i can think of for now. if i think of more i'll post them here