Most Wanted Tour

Link is here.

Race, chase and explore a vast open world of police pursuits and incredible cars and challenge your friends’ to beat record times, speeds and jumps. See if you can be the Most Wanted in our multi-play experience, get on our leader board for a chance to win brilliant prizes!

Be one of the first people in the country to play Need for Speed Most Wanted, the upcoming release from Criterion Studios, prior to it’s release on the 2nd November.

Need for Speed Most Wanted UK Tour Dates:

24.08.12 – 30.08.12 – Liverpool One

31.08.12 – 02.09.12 – Leicester High Cross

06.09.12 – 09.09.12 – Santa Pod

13.09.12 – 16.09.12 – Bournemouth City Centre

19.09.12 – 23.09.12 – Brighton City Centre

26.09.12 – 30.09.12 – Birmingham City Centre

04.10.12 – 07.10.12 – Leeds City Centre

10.10.12 – 11.10.12 – Manchester City Centre

13.10.12 – 14.10.12 – Play Expo

20.10.12 – 27.10.12 – GameCity, Nottingham

29.10.12 – 04.11.12 – Cardiff City Centre

07.11.12- 10.11.12 – Derby

We hope to see you there!


No Eurogamer, but this is EA not Criterion.

ZombieTron's picture

Seems like an odd selection of venues, I had to google some of them.... wtf is Santa Pod??? I know now, so you don't need to answer! :)

I still think the game will be at Eurogamer, even if the cool stand thingy that is touring the country isn't. why wouldn't they want to be at Eurogamer?

Wish they were coming here!

If any of you lot reading this get to play the game, please let us know what you think of it! :)

SUFFUR's picture

Euro Gamer Expo this year.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?