Looking for close quarters track racing...

...You'd better look elsewhere then. All you folks pining for a return to the burnout of old are in for some disappointment, in a recent guardian article Craig Sullivan said

"We made closed track games in the past - three or four Burnout games - there's space for that kind of title in the market, but we're focused on pushing the genre forward and we think open worlds and player choice is where it's at. Driving around a track, be it real or fictional, there's only so much we can bring to that: you can improve the visuals - where else is there to go? We want game designs that support new experiences, things that we might not even know we're going to design - we don't want to hem everything in".

Bodes well for more open world racing thoughsmiley.

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And it's shocking that he's not even sure how many Burnout games they made before.

I wouldn't mind Criterion games never making another track Burnout game.... as long as someone else makes a good track racer. We haven't had one since Revenge! It's been way too long!

Every racing, or should I say driving game is open world lately. I want big arse yellow chevrons!!!!

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Because of the checkpoints, Most Wanted feels much more like a track racer than Paradise.

You can kind of see that this was their aim from the start - even as far back as the first Burnout, the tracks weren't individual and that there were a few larger "maps" which all linked - you just couldn't explore them.

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The other thing that bugs me about open world games, is that they don't have enough variety in the locations, as they are all in the same city or country.

I wouldn't mind if the city had a china town district complete with tuk tuks, but until then, I really miss the Far East and European locations.