Truck Stop - Burnout Inspired Crash Game by Indie Developer



Truck Stop is new Burnout style crash game developed by Adam Sawkins aka “DjArcas”.

In the version we have tested you can tweak your vehicles handling and parameters before sending it crashing down an obstacle-filled level. The more damage you inflict on the Crash Test Dummy, the bigger your score!

The mechanics and gameplay feels like a mix of the Crash Modes in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge and the idea is probably to create a next-gen crash mode.

Truck Stop Trailer - with previews of the levels Train Station, Zombie Nation and Mars Attack!

The game is developed in Unity and the beta version we have tried feels quite rough and unfinished. Truck Stop is a work in progress and we expect huge improvements as development progresses.

As the game grows and develops, Projector Games plan to listen to the community, and implement more vehicles, levels and ragdolls.

To support the development of the game you can:

  • Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight
  • Buy the game on IndieCity for $5