FrozenVapor's drift jumping guide


Welcome to my drift jumping guide… this entire thing may sound complicated, but that's just because I'm trying to explain every little detail of the game. Most of these techniques are actually pretty easy to pull off with some practice. So here goes... learn these techniques in order.


Brake Drifting

This will help you take turns sharper and give you some extra speed to boost.
To brake drift, start drifting before you get to the turn, then tap/hold the brake around the apex of the turn to take it tightly. Boost immediately after using the brake.
Brake drifting should give you 230+ mph if you’re not being handicapped. 


Introduction to Drift Jumping

To drift jump, you need to boost in the air and drift upon landing. There are two ways to do this:
1)      Either drift before you go off the ramp and maintain that drift through the air (my preferred method), or…
2)      Drift when you land by tapping the brake when your car makes contact with the ground (alternate method).
More air usually means more speed.
Both methods work nearly the same way, but drifting before you jump (Method 1) gives you slightly higher speeds on some ramps. Also, harrier bumps and jumps can only be done if you drift before getting to the jump.
Method 1 also leaves more room for error… if you hit the wall while in the air or do something else that screws up your drift, you can just tap the brake as you land (Method 2) to get the speed that you would’ve lost otherwise.
Method 2 is useful for large ramps and ramps surrounded with obstacles since it’s easier to dodge obstacles when you're NOT drifting in midair. 


Brake Jumping

Short Version: 
Brake enough before each jump so that when you land, your car is going 209 mph.
Long Version: 
To get SAVAGE speed with drift jumping, you need to SLOW DOWN before you get to each jump. This may sound counterintuitive, but it works. To do this, you need to brake jump.
Using Method 1, you should be already be drifting before each jump. For a brake jump, hold the brake while doing your normal drift (a sort of brake drift). As soon as you lift off the ground, let go of the brake and slam on the boost.
[ If you're using the alternate technique you should do pretty much the same thing. Just hold the brake before the jump without drifting. For some reason, braking without drifting, as done using this technique, seems to cause your car to dive into the ground more quickly upon leaving the ramp... weird stuff. ]
To get optimal speeds, you have to brake just enough BEFORE the jump so that, right when you land, your car is just barely hitting 209 mph. It's not possible to hit exactly 209 every time, so just aim for the 205-208 range, which will give you nearly the same speeds. Letting your car go over 209 mph will lower your speed quite a bit, so if you're going to misjudge your braking a bit, it's better for you to brake a little too much than too little.

And try to do all your braking just before you go off the ramp, and release the brake as your car lifts off the ground - if you slow down even a little bit earlier than you have to, you will waste a little bit of time actually driving up to the jump itself.

Note that on some steeper ramps (especially if you’re being handicapped and are going pretty slow already), you shouldn’t brake going off the jump – either release the gas as you go up the ramp or just take the ramp normally.


Harrier Bumps

The harrier bump lets you get extra air off small bumps and dips in the track, giving you some extra drift jump speed. Works only with Method 1.

Short Version:
Start drifting before you get to the bump/dip. Hit the brake just before you reach the bump/dip to lift off the ground, then boost and do the usual drift jumping crap to get speed.
Long Version:
You have to do two things to get a harrier bump to work well:
1)      Tap the brake to start a drift up before you get to the bump, and…
2)      While still drifting, hit the brake as you come up to the bump to get extra air.
The idea behind brake jumping works here too – you want to hit the brake for a reasonable amount of time as you reach the bump so that you get good speed upon landing and not just good air. It’s possible to do the craziest harrier bump ever and still get really crappy speeds.
It takes some practice to get used to, but once you learn how to do it, you can even use the technique on normal jumps and ramps, as explained in Harrier Jumps…


Harrier Jumps

Harrier jumping is just using the harrier bump technique on jumps and ramps… this is what you’re going to want to use for a ton of the jumps in the game, so get this down.
1)      Tap the brake to start drifting before you get to the ramp…
2)      As you approach the ramp, while still holding the same drift, hold the brake again. In the process, you should both slow your car down (brake jumping) and get some extra lift (harrier jumping).
The entire process should be one huge drift, all starting from that first tap of the brakes.
If you want to see if you’re doing it right, Angel Valley is a great track to test it on. On Angel Valley F, try using it as you hit the first of the two drops that drop you into the sewer. Since the alleyway is narrow, it’ll be hard to both start a drift before getting to the jump and then holding the brake again to slow down as you reach the jump – this is one jump where you have to slow down a lot to land at 209 mph. You’ll get around 250 mph if you do everything right. Angel Valley R also has a few ramps that are good for harrier jumping. The ramp leading out of the tunnel halfway through the track should give you 260 mph if you do it perfectly.


Drift Everywhere!

Even if you’re great at getting crazy speeds, you’re not going to be fast unless you learn how to maintain your speed. The main thing to know is that normal turning – that is, without drifting – will lower your speed no matter what. This means that most of the time you should be drifting when you want to turn, even if it’s just a slight correction to the direction of your car that you want to make. Every time you forget to drift, you will slow down a bit, and even 2-3 mph off your speedometer is going to hurt if you consistently make that mistake.
You should also sometimes drift on straights. There are lots of little bumps on straights that are barely noticeable but will help you out if you manage to drift over them. Drifting also gives you some extra boost.
So drift everywhere!


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...Drift to the left, drift to the right, stuck in the middle with you... good write up, nice one Frozen, now do my dance and cut your ear off, lol.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when its going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Sorry man I did not read all of it (attention span again) but I dont think I do it your way, Idont do all of them I aint that clever to remember it all, I just usually park up on a short cut, it usually gets a laugh or a evil shriek, but urm back to the boosting I tend to fly off a ramp and just hold brake as I land while throwing my car into  a drift and I can get a decent speed between 240 and 280 mph and its the same with corners I average 220mph its enough for me, but thanks for taking the time to post this usefull information (great more people will own me now) and I do belive that a friend of mine does drift on a straight, which he does incorrect and I get to catch him up, ok laters ..

The Drugs dont work!! ----English is my second language, feal free to flame me----

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I read makes sense.... I think i learned one thing from it though.... I get good speeds already on jumps and I usually get 225-235 on brake drifting turns.. I focused more on doing those harriers and I wont disagree with you because your methods work well tooo but I dont know if its just me but there are two ways to do a harrier....both get me results as well...

1. There is the hold your brake, boost and hit left or right on the top of the bump....yeah your right you can get great speed with this.....of course as you said, you can get crazy harriers on this and still not get any speed at all also....

2. Drift one way before you hit the bump and then at the top hit the brakes and the boost, and drift the other direction....this gets me good speeds also especially on Eastern Bay...

Maybe, Im just re-stating what you just said again.......... Anyways, after reading that I just came to the conclusion that it is the drifting that is really slowing me down. I have noticed what you said about the speed decreasing and I think that is where im making most of my mistakes every time I race......Im pretty sure that I could go much faster if I work on this......

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).

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I usually don't do harriers the 2nd way you pointed out, but hey, there's probably a good number of ways to drift jump that I don't have in the guide. Everyone has different techniques... drifting one way before the jump and the other way at the top will probably give you the same speeds. There's no "better" way of doing anything.

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I can see about the turns and the jumping but how about straightaways? When I look at those videos I can see that your not continually hitting your boost too and your only boosting in some places....which I do already Im thinking that you probably dont turn your car too much to reduce the speed? Either that or your continually maintaining a drifting state which is impossible in a straightaway.....

Now i can assume that looking at those videos made me see something different... at least I see where you are getting jumps from to make your car faster.... but when I was looking at that you are maintaining that high speed because the people you play with arent giving you handicap right?  

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).

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You know, I'm not really sure what I do myself... when I get a new laptop I'll record some more races (with audio - I finally figured it out) so I can see where I drift. If I've got lots of boost I don't think I drift on straights very much since it doesn't really do anything for you, but it does give you that extra sliver of boost when you really need it...

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No need for that actually (those videos) unless you really want to do it and the someone else requests it......I can understand what you mean when your not really sure about that....I have played some of the fastest people in the community and they say the exact same thing, other times people also ask me what I do differently and I cant answer them either because Im not doing anything different than I have come into two conclusions:

1. You are doing those drifts and bumps and jumps a lot better than many of us...


2. Criterion has released burnout revenge games that are more "tweaked" than others and you happen to have gotten the best one of them all......LOL...

Of course, the second one is just hearsay and should be just added to the conspiracies running around the community...LOL......

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).

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Nah, I want to record some more videos anyway... I'll get them recorded next month when I've got a new laptop and my Xbox back.

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Well thats cool, im sure people will learn a lot from watching those videos of yours... I know I did from noticing little things that you do and from what rofer did in his vids too..

"There's Jinno, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/20/ 2009).