Burnout Paradise is free with Xbox Live Gold Next week

Criterion and the XBox Live Backward Compatible team are bringing the very well made game, "Burnout" Paradise to Xbox live for free as part of the Xbox Live Gold Program.

It is a great game, and if you are a gamer give it a try, driver or not you will be amazed at how this game works and it is just fun to 'dick about with mates'.

I put 760 hour plus into the game and it works very well, I installed from my disk version I own and all the dlc was there to download too :)




On a side note still no Burnout Revenge on the list yet so vote for it throu xbox.com. (Google Bing search it I am not your computer momma)

Though the history of the Burnout fan base (the Xbox 360 Revenge crew or other names affiliated, like me:) ) were not happy with what Paradise was as it was open world, no orange chevrons to tell you where to turn etc, and only 8 finish lines, and the Island did not have online races for that area and lots of other stuff that was 'it's not Burnout 3 or Revenge etc'.

It is still an amazing game for what it achieved and for what it does, just give it a try as it's free. Also rumor it is coming to PS4 next year.