6 more days till the burnout demo

Im looking forward to it more then the birth of my own child
how many of you are going to play nothing but the demo till the real game comes out
i know i will

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I know that I will stay up 2 hours past my bedtime to get the download, and I know that I will be late for work the next day,, but as for playing it solid I doubt it as the map is not open and you will be restricted

one more point for me

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Yes i reckon im with you on this one dude, paradise demo will probably get my full attention until the game comes out despite having many plans this festive season for a change and no time for anything 360 related... Plans to master the street layouts, the jumps, the dynamics of the cars available *starts drooling* cant wait man!

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Is this going to be at 12 Eastern or Pacific?

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midnight in the UK not sure about USA

one more point for me

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Other than being away from my 360 for two weeks over Christmas and New Year, I will be playing the demo pretty solidly!

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