My First Day in Paradise - Winners!

As it turns out that I can not use any of the codes that Sonic STX sent, I have 4 x codes to give away!

It was a lot of fun reading through some of your first day experiences, but there can only be 4 winners. I will be sending the winners their codes by PM today.

Read More to see the 4 winners stories.

First up Helvetica Bold tells us about purchasing Paradise 

So here's my story, it more about how I bought the game. 

First like yourself I'm a HUGE Burnout, I think, because Criterion's games

remind me of the classic Sega Racers I grew up playing. 

I've been waiting for the Paradise to come out so I've been playing the demo

almost everyday since it appeared. Anyway, I was visiting my family this weekend in PA and I was on my way home to Brooklyn. 

Even though my hands were full carry bags I thought I would stop into my local mom and pop game shop to see if, by chance, they had Burnout.  Well, I couldn't believe they had Burnout a day early! I had trouble deciding 

between the 360 and the PS3 version but I went with the 360 version. For a number of reasons, I have more friends online and 1080p upscaling. With that said, the game looks amazing, the details and scale that went into 

the city is incredible! I've always loved Criterion's art direction of the series but I think Criterion has out done themselves! The lighting is beautiful and the car models look amazing as well.  

So I've been playing for about an hour and a half and loving every minute of it.  

Hope you enjoyed my story, can you blame me for buy the game a day early?

Only thing is, I didn't get Steel Wheels code for buying it at a mom and pop store. Either way finding the game made my day!

Next Bioshockedxbox, who has to stop playing for school

I had too wait till5 too play. When I got home I ran upstairs to my room and turned on my 360. As son as I heard that guitar it meant it was time. I grabbed my controller and drove my hunter around for a while then started up a road rage. I had gotten a Takedown rampage only secends after it had started and while I was racing the collest thing happened. I shot of the ramp in the middle of the bridge and wet over the upper level than came down right on top of a poor unsuspecting rival. Then one of my friends logged on and we did freeburn for a while. He was in a tiny but freakin fast stunt car hile I was usin my fave so far, the Krieger with green Gloss. I Took him down him like crazy. But then he quit after a while. Then I was alone racing at breakneck speads and crashed on one of the higher levels of a bridge and fell of and I was able to drive away!!! It was amazing it had to have been a 100 foot drop and then some. Then I tried Showtime. It took me awhile to getthehang of it but it was awesome. I had beaten W. Crawford after a while, that was tough. Then my friend cameback and I was in showtime, He would drive b while I was bouncin along. After a while hes all like "Wait dude... are that Bouncin car" We laughed like crazy then I said goodbye cause ihad to get of because of school tommorow. But I will be on tommorow the next day and forever on.

Racer for all,

Bioshocked xbox

Then it's dadditude who wants to share his first shut down

OMG! I WISH Burnout Paradise had a Halo 3-like Saved Film Feature! 

Ok, so here's the scene: I'm playing Burnout Paradise and encounter a Marked Man event. I know my car's WAY too wrecked to possibly survive it, so I head to the nearest Auto Repair Drive Thru. The closest one I know about is halfway across town, as I haven't found them all yet. I head off in that direction and just happen to run across another one on the way, so I pull through and start to turn around to head back to the Marked Man event. At JUST that exact moment, along comes an AI driver in a Nakamura SI-7, and before I even realize he is there, I T-bone him in the middle of the highway and take him out, for my very FIRST Shut-Down! This is why EVERY game needs a saved film feature like Halo 3. I would LOVE to put this experience on YouTube, but it is gone forever - lost to the ether. Oh well... C'est la vie, right? 

Last up is lilgamefreak786 who thinks the game is Amazing

Well I've played Burnout Paradise for about 3 hours now and it has to be the single best racing game to hit the markets. The freeburn concept is amazing and the addition of the Marked Man and Sunt Run events have made this game amazing. The huge imporvement in AI is amazing especially in Road Rage. But I must say the most fun is going online. I was a bit skeptical of the online but when i hosted a freeburn online it was amazing. Me and a bunch of random people were having the times of our lives doing crazy challenges and going through crazy races which I had created with like dozens of checkpoints scattered across the map. I think the most fun we had was doing the barrel roll challenge. We kept crashing into each other in mid air and kept taking each other down. And to see some of their expressions courtesy of their xbox live vison camera were priceless. Also the fact you have to take down the cars you unlock before you can use them is a nice touch and adds more intensity to an already intense game.

Congratulations! Steel Wheel Codes are being sent to your inbox.

See you in Paradise!




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I almost wrote a poem for the contest, but I got a Steel Wheels card and figured I'd give others a chance (cause my first draft was just THAT awesome ).

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glade to see you guys won galde that i was able to help of and if any of you winners have any problem with any of the codes let me know!!


The harder to play every game makes you more a winner the cheating to the top!(it's like the needler got on Steroids!)

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)