BurnoutAholics Achievements

Find out how much of a BurnoutAholic you really are! BurnoutAholics.com awards the following achievements.
1. Burner meet up
Meet up with other burners in real life.
2. Take it to double figures
Get 10 or more takedowns in a row on the same rival.
3. Losing it
Awarded for playing burnout for over 1000 hours.
4. Lobby loser
Awarded for being behind all 5 rivals in an online lobby.
5. Sheer luck
Awarded for avoiding cross traffic in a 6 lap race in Motor City.
6. Respawn King
Discovered the respawn glitches on White Mountain
7. Ultimate nemesis
Grabbed for settling the Score over 300 times with the same rival! Why stop now?
8. Check it out
Send BurnoutAholics.com your best Burnout clip or video.
9. BurnoutAholic celebrity
Get your clip into the BurnoutAholics Top 20 Clips.
10. True BurnoutAholic
Get all the BurnoutAholic achievements.
11. BurnoutAholics contest winner
Win a contest on BurnoutAholics.com