25 v 16 revenge...

for the life of mw i cant make this run. anyone got and ideas for the burning route? i been going north to the train  tracks and i  burn the whole way there and im still 10 sec short... any help would be taken glady..

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Theres always gonna be one person who says they got it on their first try but this one was a bugger for me.  I kept trying to go the route your talking about and it was really frustrating.  I eventually changed it up a bit and (if I'm thinking of the same route) went west across the express way bridge and then cut north up the road thats furthest to the west (can't remember the name of it).  Seems like that was the most direct route for me with the least number of intersections / quick turns.  good luck, hope it helps.  And apologies if I just described something way off, but I think that would work for the RR route.

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!


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I  tried that route a number of times and don't think it is possible to complete. Take the The lower tunnel is the better run, and take a right as soon as you exit and just hug the curves all the way to the observatory. You can crash once if you take this route, but only if you drift to refill the boost fast. You do need to chain burnouts so hugging corners and boosting all the way is a must. Took me about 10 tries to get it, definitely the toughest burning route.

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It is definately the hardest burning route on the game.  It took me several tries and I got it, but the revenge racer isn't all that impressive.  Unless you are trying to unlock all of the cars now, I would just work on the carbon cars.  The carbon X12 is the best.

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