Developer's Cut for XBox

On May 1, 2003 Acclaim released Burnout 2: Point of Impact Developer's Cut exclusively for the XBox. The Developer's Cut version was crammed full with exclusive extra features and really concentrated on ensuring that Xbox gamers got a version that played to the strengths of their machine. Burnout 2: Point of Impact Developer's cut box art This is what the press had to say about the Developer's Cut version:

"Burnout 2 is the fastest four-wheeled racer on Xbox. The speed is amazing and the crashes are phenomenal. This game is &*#$ing awesome." - Editors' Choice Award Winner - "A unique and brilliant alternative to other racing games. The varying game modes offer a massive amount of replay value and variety." - Editors' Choice Award Winner - Official Xbox Magazine "For adrenaline junkies and wannabe masters of mass destruction, Burnout 2 - Developer's Cut for Xbox delivers premium performance." - GamePro "The crash mode alone makes this game worth seeing, and the inclusion of the well-done championship and multiplayer modes makes it the best pure arcade-style racing game available on the Xbox." - "Burnout 2: Point of Impact has everything under the hood you need for a smashing good time: gorgeous graphics, smooth framerates, and slo-mo car crashes on par with the best Hollywood has to offer." - GMR "Unsurpassed detail, blistering speed, and depth to burn. The only game that rewards you for being a maniac...a very skilled maniac." - Play "Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Developer's Cut for the Xbox is one of the best racing games we've played. We'd have a hard time recommending a better arcade racer on the Xbox. Excellent!" - "Burnout 2 will thrill lead-footed gamers with its awesome boost system and wicked sense of speed." - EGM

Here is the official list of new features and exclusive content for the XBox version. Also note that the XBox version has XBox Live support through online leader boards. New and exclusive content for XBox version:

  • 15 additional Crash mode junctions - the world's favourite Burnout mode just got bigger. The 'Crash for Cash' mode is now bigger and better, with 15 brand new dangerous Crash junctions. Double the madness. Double the carnage. Double the insurance premiums.
  • Extra decal sets available for all Custom Series cars - Four additional custom decal sets are selectable for all CS vehicles e.g. 'Red Dragon' and 'Union Jack' decal sets only available in Xbox version.
  • Increased polygon count on ALL player cars - utilizing the extra graphical power available on the Xbox - vehicles have more than twice the detail than in the PS2 version.
  • Real-time cubic environment mapping - all vehicles reflect the game world making the vehicles look much more realistic.
  • Custom soundtracks option - this allows you to create your own Burnout 2 soundtrack, choosing the specially composed original music for Burnout 2 - or any of your own music you've stored on the Xbox hard disk.
  • In-game real-time Dolby Digital 5.1 audio - experience Burnout 2 like never before. Dolby Digital 5.1 provides the ultimate Burnout 2 experience. Feel the roar of the traffic as 5.1 discrete channels of surround sound give the most exciting and entertaining racing experience yet.

Xbox Live features:

  • Xbox Live hi-score table support - Compare your Burnout 2 skills with the best Burnout players in the world and your friends.
  • Over sixty online leader boards including best time on each track, highest scores in Crash Mode and other Burnout 2 statistics.

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