can anyone tell me if putting in the codes for steel wheels car stops you getting 100% finish.i've got my elite licencse,all the smashes,billboards and jumps,but only got 99%.the only thing i haven't done is the 20x boost.does anyone know why.cheers guys.

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The Steel Wheels and other car codes will add cars to your Junk Yard. They do NOT prevent you from completing the game or from getting any achievements.

You need to get your 20x boost and then take the game online to get the online challenges and your 101% completion!

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Please note that you do not need to do all 350 challenges for 101% completion.

All you need to do is to complete 2 blocks of challenges... for example all 50 2 and 3 player challenges.

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You don't need 20x boost to complete 101%.  I just got Criterion Elite, but I still don't have 20x boost.  You need online maybe, but I don't think that adding cheat code cars will advance you because the amount of cars to unlock goes up with each sponsor car.  Same goes for the online car.  Do you have all road rules? cuz you need those, too.

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