Trespassing at the Observatory?

When I was doing some Online freeburning with SUFFUR, ZombieTron and Kevlar0 last night SUFFUR discovered an “inaccessible” road close to the Crystal Summit Observatory. Well, inaccessible is probably not the right word. When kevlar0 finally got out of a tight spot between some boulders we all managed to get into the area and below are some pictures to prove it.

Burnout Paradise Hidden Area near the Crystal Summit Observatory

Burnout Paradise Hidden Area near the Crystal Summit Observatory 

I guess lots of people have found secret areas and glitches in Paradise City. Add a comment and tell me about your favourite.


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We had a lot of fun Showtiming across the boulders to this area at the observatory. I also Showtimed along the road that is blocked off right up next to the observatory.

After that we wanted to see where else we could showtime to... There are some great blocks near railway lines which you can hop over, you can travel down the track up to a tunnel, and we found a tunnel going under the city. We even got into the Tennis courts for a match!

Next time you are Freeburning have a look around and see if there is anywhere that is inaccessible, can you Showtime to the area???

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