The Bridge is OPEN!

Check out this video where The Burnout Team is showing of the Dust Storm which is a new car for Burnout Paradise. I can't wait to race this bad boy on the dirt track! 


In the video you also get to see the bridge going across to the "sunken" island. Seems like it still is not completely finished and it looks like it will have some really cool jumps.

This quote from Alex Ward reveals that there will be a series of new island:

"This bridge leads to what we reveal today to be THE FIRST in a SERIES of Islands adding to Paradise City, EACH OFFERING A DIFFERENT TYPE OF GAMEPLAY....."





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I think I just wet my pants a little...

This, I think, is very exciting


Burnout Paradise Map:

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I totally agree this is exciting and certainly something I'm looking forward to. The new cars and the new islands willl be a added bonus to an already superb game.

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 How exactly will this bridge be unlocked in the first place? Will it just become unlocked after achieving some type of challenge?

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It will be downloadable content (DLC)  that you will have to get from XBox Live Marketplace (or the equivalent on the PS3). It is still not know if this will be free or not.

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That this will be FREE or at least the Islands will be, not so sure about the Dust Storm Buggy.

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Consleboy rocks in burnout!am a pro and a her

i cannot wait until the new 2.0 come out for burnout pardise nice job burnout team i hope everthing goes well and goodbye and please tell me when the new features are coming!!


ps consleboy



Consleboy rocks because hes an pro hero