A rumour

There has been a rumour circling around about new secret roads being built underneath our noses. Now this may just have been an April fools trick but, it has been said that at a certain point near the train track, if you sit there, and then go back a week or so later, the road has misteriously grown. And also, if anyone else noticed, where the I-88 goes underground in Downtown, there is an Opera house with big banners on it reading
"brick by brick our nation grows".

This could be a message about new material (not the DLC/GCC) being placed in everytime you are online. And if you think about it, it wouldn't be hard to shove a few new bricks of a road in evertime you connect, it would only take a matter of seconds and no one would notice, and it would work over a period of a couple of months.

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My theory about the new road is that it will be on the mysterious blocked off road on N. Mountain Drive between the Wind farm and S. Mountain.  It's the only blocked off area that is visible on the map that leads away from the city.  Also, there is also usually a bus barked in front of it in offline mode which makes me suspicious.  I think it will lead to the Ski place that Atomica mentioned.  When he says, "I may have to get my snowboard and head up there, but not yet,"  that sounds like an extremely subtle hint that it will exist in the future.

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Well i assumed that it was near the train track near Schembri Pass where there are several things under construction.

Also, i assumed the references to snowboarding where because i think DJ Atomika is from the SSX games.

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I instantly thought of the snow moutain map from B2 when I read your post. Awesome sause if they remake that.