A Game Problem

I have noticed a problem in that the air time on my record sheet never gets updated. At the moment my most air time is 12+ seconds, but on my record sheet it still says 3.54 seconds. Initially i thought it was because i got the record online, but then again, i got m flat spins and barrel roll record online, and they are updated fine.

I just wondered if anyone else had had this problem, and if so, how to solve it???

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I noticed the same thing, but I'm pretty sure that online, air time consists of all the jumps you make in a perticular run (what constitutes a "run", I don't know) and offline it is only one jump.  So if you get 12 for hitting all of the jumps from the South bay bridge to the hanger online, that'll be your airtime, but offline, each individual jump counts. 

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well i got around 12, online, but when i check my records, it still says 3. summot.

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I was wondering what people were jumping off of in order to get the 12 - 15 second air times.  Even the biggest jumps that I have found in the game (the jump into the quarry, and the jump off the mountain to down by the dam road) only give 3-5 seconds of air time, it seems.

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wellclose jumps can be linked, usually by boosting. Fo example you can drive the length of the train track going up all the jumps while booting and can bout 13 there. Also along the southbay expressbridge following that road towards the hangar you can get good air time.