Yet ANOTHER ***Burnout Revenge Pro/Am Tournament Challenge***

Im organizing yet another burnout revenge pro/am tournament for this sunday at noon, pacific standard time.
I plan on having 8 rooms to begin with.
thats 48 racers including myself. so far i have 21 people entered. one is going to be a host and one of them is me. that leaves about 30 remaining slots, cuz im going to need more people to sign up to fill the alternate positions.. im gonna need a minimum of two, but more would be better.

**racing teams will be picked differently then they were in eezos tournament.
instead of pairing the worst ranked with the best ranked, players will be divided into two groups based on average rank.then, one player from each group will be picked at random and teamed up.**
each room will be hosted by someone in the tournament and the host will keep track of the points for that round.
there will be 4 rounds, 4 races, 4 laps each.
winning pair at the end of the round moves on.. losers move to the loser bracket. the tournament will be double elimination.

the winner of the losers bracket will race the winner of the winners bracket along with the runners up to the winners bracket.

basically, you race.. i do everything else.

im gonna need 6 more starting hosts to begin the tournament with.

send me a message on live or just post back if youre interested in racing or hosting in the tournament.

burn on!

the bracket looks like this.