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has really been that long since I blogged.. waiting for the paradise demo.. damn.. should really come on more.. think the reason I haven't blogged is due to my disappointment in paradise.. not that its not a good game.. it is.. it has done so much in terms of technology for gaming and the concept has so many possibilities it unbelievable.. its just not for me.. i never really like free roam.. maybe im just too set in my ways.. a race should be a specific route with the barriers..

enough about that and on with the post.. so been having a few issues with xbox.. firstly had my second xbox 3 red light on me.. so had to send both consoles back.. luckily Mr Suffur happened to get his elite the same weekend as I was down and had the 3 red lights so I got to borrow his old one while mine were repaired.. so boxed both up.. UPS'ed back to the mothership to be fixed.. amasingly it only too 8 days for the first one to come back.. and it includes a free months subscription to live.. yay AbusedDust can get reborn for a while.. so i go plug it in after I get home from work.. its alive.. so start playing rsux v2 for a bit.. after about 40mins I get my first freeze.. nothing unusual there.. but when I turn the little bugger back on it start rudely flashing 3 red lights.. bollox.. straight onto the xbox site to request a new repair and website says no.. try again a couple of times and still get the no I don’t want to work right now..

so phoned mickysoft at work the next day.. and they have to send me another box so I can send it back with the power supply this time.. also found out that my second console was returned.. so might be able to get myself online.. so get home and this one works.. and is still working.. but the saga doesn’t end there.. I try to use one of the free months trials to unlock Dust but xbox says no.. try again a few more time and still the answer is f*ck off.. that’s it.. back on the phone to MS.. only to be told that their systems are down and can I phone back later.. not happy.. so will be calling them again this weekend and complaining about the service to see what freebies I can get out of them..

so that’s the rant out of the way.. on to more happy things.. so this week I’ve been back on revenge.. it feels like home.. the tracks come flashing back quickly as you hurl yourself into a corner drifting on full opposite lock.. and it was actually nice to have some annominity… as I have not been playing it much recently and there seem to be lots of new people to the game it has made it a new experience again.. although have raced against a couple of old schoolers.. Cyber and Suf joined me for one evening and even a guest appearance from Ichie under a friends tag.. it also been nice to be able to impart knowledge to those new to the game.. I was in a room with some 50,000+ rankers who were rather green.. not in the takedown sence but with the ‘glitches’ of boost drifting, jumping and starting.. I was more than happy to impart the knowledge and promote the wonders of for all your burnout needs..

also started to get the old feeling, the rush of the speed.. the oh sh*t moments as you forget about a car in the middle of a corner as you start the drift with no way to get out of it.. the agression caused by a cheap takedown and the sweet pleasure of taking back a triangle.. and the complete zoning out affect that burnout has on me.. forgetting to look at anything but the six inch square at the nose of the revenge racer.. forgetting to blink.. and my favourite of all things the lobby.. just chilling for a couple of minutes shooting the sh*t about nothing until all are ready to go again.. smoke break ;)

the only thing I miss at the moment is Burnout 3 Takedown.. as I have gone through so many xbox’s all my profiles for the game have become corrupted.. so I have had to delete them.. I was hoping that with the return of my broken machines that the profiles that I had saved on them would work again.. unfortunately that’s not the case.. so I will have to play through the game again for the 5th time.. on the 360.. hope people are still playing online by the time I manage to get a decent car.. lol

all in all I think I will be back on the revenge cuircit again for a while.. I’m really enjoying it.. although my rank is suffering from connection issues again it doesn’t bother me.. its all about the game and it more about me racing myself than other people.. trying to recapture the timing for corners, jumps, drifts.. the speed and trying to get my lap times back to when I was at my best.. you never know give me another few hundred hours and I might be back on top form.. and hopefully back in the top 500 in the next few days…

that’s it.. im sure I’ll be back again when I get bored at work in the future.. this has managed to waste at least an hours time.. the sooner im home the sooner I race..

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It has been far too long since we raced. I am glad you have a working box back, and by the sounds of it we might see you on Revenge more then RB6V2 now?!?  

I've been playing a lot of Burnout 3 with Monky and Suffur, and had a great night of girly gaming on Revenge last night. I had to play through Burnout 3 again, and nearly have enough tracks unlocked to be a decent host.

I still feel more at home on Takedown and Revenge then I do in Paradise City, but it's a nice place to visit on holiday!

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