Bogart is dropping frames


Have you noticed that Burnout Paradise has gotten a bit jerky after the Bogart update was applied on the XBox 360? Here is what the Burnout Team has to say about it:

"We're aware there are some framerate issues with yesterday's Bogart update on some Xbox 360s.

This relates specifically to the frame rate in streaming zones and does not seem to be an issue on all machines.

Thanks to everyone for all the feeedback on the forums.

We're doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible and will post further info on a solution as soon as we have it."

Read the full story here: Xbox 360 Bogart frame rate issue


The Kid 74's picture

It may be just me, but I have noticed more traffic since the update. Drifting is more controllable too. Also, the crashes are more defined with better views. Keep on adding more enhancements!!!

-The One and Only-

Mohegan's picture

It's been fine for me. No issues at all. At least no new ones.

Gooner Rhyle's picture

I noticed the extra traffic as well. Another thing I was getting was trouble in the junk yard. When selecting a new car it sometimes wouldn't let me scroll right or even select a new car, I had to leave with the car I entered with, re-enter and try to select again. No problem since Bogart was removed though.