Burnout Paradise

When did you last play Burnout Paradise?

I play every day
63% (191 votes)
last week
12% (35 votes)
a few weeks ago
3% (9 votes)
last month
1% (4 votes)
a few months ago
4% (12 votes)
last year
3% (10 votes)
I can't remember!
6% (17 votes)
I have never played Burnout Paradise
8% (25 votes)
Total votes: 303

Paradise..What Might Have Been...

Criterion Games have posted a new story on their website today, telling us about what might have been...

They sure had big plans for Paradise, even talking about giving us the moon!

Here is an excerpt of the article, showing what was discussed as possible DLC;


No Big Surf Vacation for PC Users

It seems like all the news stories I write lately are bad ones... sorry PC users but it seems that there are no plans to release Big Surf Island for PC. This story broke over at a German games site www.Gameswelt.de just over a week ago. Click HERE for the full story in German, google translate didn't do a brilliant job, but the gist of it is "No DLC for PC" sorry folks! Hope we have some better news for you next time!



Burnout Paradise in the first wave of Games on Demand

The new Xbox 360 update will hit on the 11th of August 2009. One of the main new features is "Games on Demand" a brand new way to access and play games on Xbox 360. The games, delivered electronically, can be purchased with credit card or microsoft points and you will be able to buy microsoft points on Xbox.com with paypal too.

Burnout Paradise will be one of the first games to be available on demand, downloadable directly to your Xbox 360 HDD from the 11th of August.

For a full list of all of the first games available and all of the other changes in the Xbox update click HERE.


Big Surf Island Merchandise

Need a souvenir from your holiday on Big Surf Island? Criterion Games have now added some Big Surf Island designs to their Zazzle Store. The designs are available as T-Shirts as well as the mugs pictured.

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Mug

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Mug


How much of the Premium DLC did you buy?

All of it! Even the Party Pack!
22% (168 votes)
Most of it, but not ALL.
25% (196 votes)
Only a couple of packs.
17% (135 votes)
Just the one.
10% (81 votes)
I didn't buy any of it.
26% (199 votes)
Total votes: 779

Two of the New Island Cars Revealed

Criterion Games have released details of two more of the nine cars coming with Big Surf Island. These two you will have to work for, they will be unlockable within Big Surf Island.

The first is the Hunter Olympus Governor. This is the Olympus with a twist, not only does it feature a camo livery, but it also comes with BOOST! Stunt Boost to be precise. They go on to state that this vehicle is virtually impossible to wreck, so it must be as tough as old boots.

The second is the Carson Annihilator Street Rod. This is a Speed Boost car. To see the pics of these cars head over to www.CriterionGames.com.


What about the Island are you most looking forward to?

The 15 New Events
4% (16 votes)
The 10 New Freeburn Challenges
3% (12 votes)
Getting the 12 New Road Rules
2% (7 votes)
Collecting all the Discoverables
18% (79 votes)
Freeburning in a new Playground
35% (153 votes)
The 9 New Cars
39% (168 votes)
Total votes: 435

Big Surf Island Dated as 11th June 2009

On Friday at 4pm BST Criterion Games answered the most frequently asked question about the Island.

When will the Island be released?

The answer is the 11th of June 2009, you can see new island footage over at www.CriterionGames.com along with all the latest from the team.

We still don't have details of the price of the Island, or what Achievements will be included with the DLC.

But, there are loads of things we do know...

The Island will feature 15 new events, 10 online freeburn challenges, 45 Billboards, Mega Jumps and new cars to unlock!


Cops and Robbers: Have you got it, do you like it?

Yes, I got it and it's great!
30% (135 votes)
Yes, I got it, but I'm not sure..
12% (52 votes)
Yes, I got it, but don't like it!
3% (15 votes)
No, I haven't got it yet
42% (189 votes)
I'm never going to get it
13% (57 votes)
Total votes: 448


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