Burnout Paradise

How many Online Challenges have you completed in Burnout Paradise?

Less then 100
34% (117 votes)
101 - 249
25% (85 votes)
250 for the Achievement
3% (11 votes)
251 - 349
15% (51 votes)
350 to get them All!
23% (80 votes)
Total votes: 344

Will you be getting Burnout Paradise for PC?

25% (42 votes)
75% (127 votes)
Total votes: 169

Burnout Paradise on the PC

Todays big announcement was  that Burnout Paradise is coming to the PC! Wooohooo!

"Criterion Games, a studio of Electronics Arts today announced that the awardwinning driving game Burnout™ Paradise is being rebuilt specifically for the PC. Burnout Paradise will be the first Burnout title ever made for the PC, customized with expanded multiplayer, enhanced online features, and community driven content.

Originally released for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360™ videogame and entertainment system, Burnout Paradise delivers an openworld environment built for intense speed, excitement and exploration and sets a new standard in the seamless transition from singleplayer offline to social online gameplay.


What New Vehicle do you want to see in Burnout Paradise?

24% (104 votes)
9% (41 votes)
Speed Boats
4% (17 votes)
I want it all!
45% (197 votes)
I just want Cars
18% (80 votes)
Total votes: 439

Motorbikes in Paradise City

In todays Live podcast Alex Ward announced that they will add motorbikes to Burnout Paradise.  It looks like motorbikes will be included in the Davis update which is scheduled for August 2008.

Here is the announcement from Criterion Games:

"This is the biggest news in Burnout history!

For the first time, we'll let you loose in a Burnout game on motorbikes!

And because we're dedicated to bringing you game-changing new Burnout Paradise content all year, bikes will feature their own game modes, challenges and even some new locations tailored to fit their unique performance and handing characteristics.

The other big news relating to bikes is that we've introduced night-time to Burnout Paradise for the first time.


Bogart is dropping frames

Have you noticed that Burnout Paradise has gotten a bit jerky after the Bogart update was applied on the XBox 360? Here is what the Burnout Team has to say about it:

"We're aware there are some framerate issues with yesterday's Bogart update on some Xbox 360s.

This relates specifically to the frame rate in streaming zones and does not seem to be an issue on all machines.

Thanks to everyone for all the feeedback on the forums.

We're doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible and will post further info on a solution as soon as we have it."


Bogart is here!

This morning Burnout Paradise version 1.2 (codename: Bogart) was released to XBOX 360 users. All you have to do to get the update is sign in to XBox Live and load Burnout Paradise. The update will then auto download.

PS3 users will have to wait another 5 days for the update.

The update contains fixes and improvements and no extra content.

Here is a list of some of the changes:


Criterion Games reveals the other side of the bridge!

Here are the videos that shows the continuation of the Dust Storm’s journey out of Paradise City and into the first of the new locations.  Criterion Games have not revealed anything about what kind of gameplay we will see on this island but to me this looks like a really good race track  and the bridge is great for stunts.




Your Race in the Game!

Criterion have put up more details on how to get a race that you have designed into the new Paradise Drives.

Got a great race route? We will put it in the game!

There are only 7 start points to choose from, and they are especially looking for routes which are quick and easy to understand, have alternative routes, are battlers or make use of the jumps and shortcuts. 

Try to be original as another aspect being judged is the road less travelled.

The closing date is Friday the 11th of April, so there is still a week to get your track designs tested and polished before submission.

After the closing date please share your designs with us, even if you don't make it into the game, we would love to try them out!


Criterion Games are revealing the first images of one of the new locations in Paradise City 04-04-2008

A couple of weeks ago Criterion Games revealed the first images of the awsome Dust Storm offroad car. At the same time they also dropped a hint about one of the new incredible locations in Paradise City.

On Friday 04-04-2008 Criterion Games will reveal the first images of one of the new locations showing how it's all coming together. Be sure to check out www.CriterionGames.com for the latest news.



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