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ILM: Upcoming Feature - Path Finding

There haven't been many updates on the map lately, at least not compared to usual.  The feeds update was the last substantial update, though even that wasn't very big.

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ILM: Burnout Paradise Map Mentioned on CriterionGames.com

If you head over to http://www.criteriongames.com, you may notice mention of the Paradise City Interactive Locations Map in today's news.  "Hit this link for a superb interactive guide to everything in the game!" Not bad!

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Burnout: Paradise Challenge Spreadsheet

I took the challenge lists (3 through 8-player) for Burnout: Paradise from the Burnout Wikia and put them into an Excel spreadsheet so that I can quickly look to see which ones I have completed.

You can find the workbook here.

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Island Paradise for FREE!

The series of Islands which will be released as DLC, each with different type of gameplay, will be FREE to download.

Alex Ward has confirmed on the Criterion Games forum that there will be no charge for downloading the Islands.

This is great news for Burnout fans.

Criterion Games have previously stated that there will be both free and paid DLC. So what will we have to pay for?

New Game modes?

New Cars?

More Online Challenges?

A Speedometer???

As Criterion's plans for DLC are so ambitious the options seem endless!


Hungry for custom routes? Let us feed you!

Since The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map now supports RSS feeds I decided to set up our own Custom Race feed here at BurnoutAholics.com. So far I've added two races to the feed and I will try and add new routes a couple of times a week. You can subscribe to the feed here.

To look at all of the routes from the feed in The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map click here.

Thanks to senocular for adding this very cool feature to the map!


ILM: Share Map Collections Through RSS

The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map now supports RSS feeds for sharing collections of maps with others.  That is, the map can be given an RSS feed that it can then read as a map collection and use that collection for its locations set as seen in the map's locations dialog. At present, you can only load a feed through a URL parameter, e.g.

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ILM: Reaching All the Drive Thrus

Lately I've been trying to discover some shortest paths.  In particular, I've been looking at paths for smashes, but they are a little difficult, so before getting to those, I started with a path that will lead you to all of the drive thrus.  I'm not 100% sure if this path is THE shortest path, but it seems to be the shortest compared to about 8 others I tested it against.

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Video: New Car Skin

The Burnout team is at it again with their YouTube videos, this time showing off yet another skin we can look forward to using in the future of the game. Check out the "Concept GT Tiger":


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Video: Downtown Super Jumps

The Burnout team has posted a new video on YouTube showing the Burnout Paradise - Downtown Super Jumps. Looking for them on the map?  Here they are: Downtown Super Jumps mapped.  With the video, you should have no troubles finding them if you're missing any :)

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Burnout Paradise Leaderboards

A couple of months ago we added "Points on my License" to your profile. We are now using this data for top 10 leaderboards in each category. Are you in the BurnoutAholics Paradise Hall of Fame top 10?

We have added a couple of new categories to the "Points on my License" today. You can now update your best Stunt Run score, Showtime Score and best Takedown rampage. Go to your account to update "Points on my License" now and join the BurnoutAholics Hall of Fame showdown. Please make sure that you input your scores in the correct format (digits 0-9 no other characters are allowed)

Please note that any member can request photographic evidence (screen shot) of any score submitted. If the request is not met all your scores will be removed.

I will be adding new top 10 leaderboards every week for the next month so there will be lots of categories to compete in. We will not be doing leaderboards for best drift, oncoming, jump distance and power parking.



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