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Welcome to the Burnout Paradise Hall of Fame!

As of June 2nd 2011 it is no longer possible to add or edit submissions to the Hall of Fame.  We have updated the leaderboards to show the top 50 in each category. Thank you very much to everyone that joined in the competition for the best scores!

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What kind of Paradise Island do you want to see?

Offroad Island
14% (52 votes)
Stunt Park Island
38% (138 votes)
Race Track Island
15% (55 votes)
Airport Island
23% (83 votes)
Desert Island
6% (21 votes)
Other - comment your suggestions
4% (13 votes)
Total votes: 362

Trespassing at the Observatory?

When I was doing some Online freeburning with SUFFUR, ZombieTron and Kevlar0 last night SUFFUR discovered an “inaccessible” road close to the Crystal Summit Observatory. Well, inaccessible is probably not the right word. When kevlar0 finally got out of a tight spot between some boulders we all managed to get into the area and below are some pictures to prove it.

Burnout Paradise Hidden Area near the Crystal Summit Observatory

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The Bridge is OPEN!

Check out this video where The Burnout Team is showing of the Dust Storm which is a new car for Burnout Paradise. I can't wait to race this bad boy on the dirt track! 



Burnout Paradise Checkpoint Map

For the last couple of day I've been working on creating a map containing all the checkpoints, start lines and finish lines in Paradise City. I've based my map on senocular's brilliant Paradise maps at http://www.senocular.com/burnout.

Burnout Paradise Race Checkpoint Map

Here are some of the features of my Race Checkpoint Map:



ILM: Printing Your Map

Someone emailed me earlier today asking about printing and the Burnout Paradise Map.  Their main concern was about the panel transparency not working when the map was printed.  However, similarly, the transparent backgrounds of the icons could also be lost, turning their backgrounds to an unsightly black. I didn't even know people printed things out like this anymore (or, more accurately, I personally never do), so I never considered it until now.

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Burnout Paradise Version 1.2

Since release of Burnout Paradise The Burnout Team have been working on making Burnout Paradise even better. They have been playing, listening and responding to feedback from the community. A update is nearly complete and here are the details so far. 


ILM: Custom Races

If you haven't seen it already (and I'm sure most of you have) BurnoutAholics' own Xandu has made good use of the extensibility of ILM and created a Race Checkpoints Map - and quite effectively at that.  Xandu even has a map demonstrating a custom race.

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Race Checkpoints Map

Today I've used senocular's brilliant Interactive Location Map tool to create a map of all the checkpoints that can be set for online routes in Burnout Paradise. Check out the map here: http://www.senocular.com/burnout/?load=http://burnoutaholics.com/KML/checkpoints.xml. You can click any checkpoint and information about the roads crossing at the checkpoint will be shown.

I still have a couple of things left to do:

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Confirmed Changes to Paradise

Criterion Games have confirmed a few additions to Burnout Paradise over at the official forums at EA and Criterion Games.

Matt Webster "Road Rule Worldwide Times are coming.... "

Alex Ward "Custom soundtracks for PlayStation3 are DEFINITELY coming...."

There have also been hints to what future DLC may contain..

Alex Ward "I hear 'Big Surf' is really expanding and going places these days......"

We will bring you more confirmations and gossip when we hear it!!




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