Burnout Dominator

The difference between PS2 and PSP in Burnout Dominator.

Are you wondering why sounds,car graphics,crashbraker and car damage are different in the training video and all other videos in the PSP?

well,here are the Difference:

1.The videos you saw on the PSP seems like they were recorded on PS2.

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Generation 5: Domination

Burnout Dominator

Screen shot from Burnout Dominator

The fifth generation of Burnout is unearthed in the game Burnout Dominator, released for the Sony Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable on the 6th of March 2007 in the US, on the 22nd of March 2007 in Australia (26th of April 2007 for the PSP release), 23rd of March 2007 in Europe (27th of April for the PSP release) and is scheduled for a 20th of September 2007 release in Japan. Many would count Burnout Dominator as a spin-off in generation 4 (or some would even say generation 3), but I feel that this game has taken the series to a new level since it includes new modes of gameplay and several other “breaking changes” compared to generation 4.

Review of the downloadable Dominator tracks

I thought that it's about time somebody here at burnoutaholics wrote a review of the downloadable tracks in Burnout Dominator, and since I'm either the only burnoutaholic that plays Dominator or the only one that plays Dominator and can't keep quiet about it, I rose to the occasion. ;-)


Carnival Point: Return of the Tuk-Tuk

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New track released for Burnout Dominator

EA has now released the second free track for Burnout Dominator on the PSP. The track is called Red Gate and is based on an Eastern European city at night. Get it through the Burnout HQ or from the PSP Store


Burnout Dominator - IMHO

I just got my copy of Burnout Dominator for PSP (yes I know I should have gotten it months ago ;-) and wanted to share some first impressions...

Don't get me wrong, I honestly think that Burnout Dominator is the best Burnout game to date, but it still has a few design flaws that just annoys me to the point of banging my head against the wall and crying out in sheer agony...

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