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Drift jumping? What? How? Huh?

I went through the most popular search terms yesterday and "boost jumping" and "drift jumping" seems to be something lots of people are looking for more information on. Since there already are a couple of good guides on how to drift jump we decided to contact the Master of Drift Jumping IVORBIGUN7 and ask for his permission to publish his guide on BurnoutAholics.com.

We got his blessing and his guide "The Art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7" can now be found in our "Featured articles" section and in the section for Burnout Revenge.

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The Art of Drift Jumping

The Art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7

Ever wonder how racers fly past you at 280mph? Then look no further because I shall explain how it’s done.


Generation 4: Revenge

Burnout Revenge

The fourth generation of Burnout saw the light of day on the 13th of September 2005 in the US and 23rd of September 2005 in Europe with the release of Burnout Revenge. This generation is the refinement of generation 3, and was generally geared towards getting revenge on the rivals that have taken you down. Burnout Revenge gave us BurnoutAholics the tools to seek revenge from our rivals, both in single and multiplayer modes.

Screen shot from Burnout Revenge

Gameplay changes compared to Generation 3 baseline


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