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New to Burnout Revenge?

We have noticed that there are lots of new players online in Burnout Revenge. Are you one of them? Then you should read on as we will give you some really good advice on how to start winning races online!

Burnout Revenge 101

There is much more to Burnout Revenge than mastering the tracks and doing perfect laps at top speed. Start by selecting the best car: The Revenge Racer.

Then there is the Boost Start. Don't know how to do it? Don't worry, here is how to do the boost start in Burnout Revenge



Nero Angelo's Guide to Maintaining Speed - Part 2

The Theory of Speed: Revenge

 - This is in response to a question Moangel74 asked me several days ago. The question was Nero, is there a trick to doing this? Obviously you get the same boost jumps I do, yet you’re pulling away… What are you doing that is different from me? Well, if you all are wondering whether there is a trick to doing this, whether there is something that several fast racers know that other racers don’t? The answer to that question is; yes, there is… There is a trick to doing this properly… its called Drifting.


Nero Angelo's Guide to Maintaining Speed - Part 1

Okay, I don’t have the same lap times as FrozenVapor, but I think I’m qualified enough to talk or write come info about this. Seeing how PsychedelicBabe asked this question a couple of days ago, I will try to help and put what I know for you all to see. If you’re not convinced however, that I’m qualified to write this, here are a few of my times: 


FrozenVapor's drift jumping guide

Welcome to my drift jumping guide… this entire thing may sound complicated, but that's just because I'm trying to explain every little detail of the game. Most of these techniques are actually pretty easy to pull off with some practice. So here goes... learn these techniques in order.


Brake Drifting

This will help you take turns sharper and give you some extra speed to boost.
To brake drift, start drifting before you get to the turn, then tap/hold the brake around the apex of the turn to take it tightly. Boost immediately after using the brake.
Brake drifting should give you 230+ mph if you’re not being handicapped. 



Sound of Music


Burnout 2: Point of Impact offers adrenaline-pumping tunes, wince-inducing crash effects and a nitro boost that sounds like a jet engine. Mix them all together and you end up with an audio extravaganza that puts a smile on your face.


The Art of Drift Jumping

The Art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7

Ever wonder how racers fly past you at 280mph? Then look no further because I shall explain how it’s done.


Burnout: Generations

by Jasman - read his blog

Jasman is one of our most active bloggers and he has now written his first official article for BurnoutAholics.com.


Screen shot from the Pre Alpha E3 Release of Burnout Paradise

I have thought for a while about the differences in the gameplay of the current 6 Burnout titles, and how they fit into an evolutionary generation-chain of 5 distinct generations of gameplay evolution, and thought I ought to write an article exploring the evolutionary ladder of the game series we all love and cherish. This article will only cover gameplay differences between the generations, as improvements in graphics and sound quality and such should be considered inconsequential when judging the playability of a game.


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