Happy Christmas From Criterion Games!

Criterion Games have put up an Advent Calender to give all Burnout fans a present a day on the run up to christmas.

Criterion Games Advent Calender

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Paradise Preview and other stuff

Games critic Stephen Totilo has put an interesting Blog up on He delves a bit deeper into Paradise gameplay, and has discovered a few new things since awarding Paradise the best racing title at E3.


Achievements and Awards for Burnout Paradise officially announced

Head over to and have a look at the achievements you can earn in Burnout Paradise. Criterion has also put in something called Paradise Awards for PS3 which is equivalent to the achievements on the XBox 360.


EA is showing off Burnout Paradise Demo at D3

Last weekend at D3 (in Denmark) Playstadium got to try the Burnout Paradise Demo. In the demo you get to drive the Hunter Cavalry which is the first car you get in the game. The demo has 34 'Smash' targets and 15 'billboards'. You get to explore a limited part of the city and as you can see in the video there are roadblocks limiting where you can go. Thanks to hn6 for this find.



Criterion Games New Website!

Criterion Games have been making some updates to there website, I think they are still working on it, but I like the direction its going in.

CriterionGames Spanking New Site!

CriterionGames new Web site



The official Burnout Paradise Box Art

New official box art for Burnout Paradise has now been released. It looks very stylish and modern. It kind of says Welcome to Paradise. Come play!

Check it out below. You can see the PS3 version box art here. What do you think about them?

Burnout Paradise Box Art XBox 360


Crash FM podcast 10

Crash FM podcast 10 is now available over at Go listen to it now and get the latest news about Burnout Paradise.

If you want to get the MP3 you can get it from (the link on the criterion web site points to podcast 9).


Burnout Paradise Hits the Streets on January 22nd

The release date for Burnout Paradise has finally been announced as 22nd January 2008 for the US, we are still waiting for a date for Europe. Burnout Paradise delivers true open world freedom and sets a new standard for online social gameplay. Burnout Paradise is a  freshly designed playground filled with the most exciting jumps, gripping races and unrivalled excitement at every intersection. Players will have total freedom to explore and discover the world at their leisure.


Burnout Paradise at London Games Festival

Sorry we couldn't give you guys a heads up on this event, but we did not know about it until seeing hn6's links. Thanks hn6!

So here is what we know. EA took over London's Trafalger Square with HUGE screens and showed a NEW Paradise Trailer as well as people playing the game.

Here are the links I have found so far:

Criterion Games



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