Burnout Paradise at London Games Festival

Sorry we couldn't give you guys a heads up on this event, but we did not know about it until seeing hn6's links. Thanks hn6!

So here is what we know. EA took over London's Trafalger Square with HUGE screens and showed a NEW Paradise Trailer as well as people playing the game.

Here are the links I have found so far:

Criterion Games

Gametrailers - The New Trailer

YouTube - Paradise Gameplay

If any of you were at the event in London please let us know what you thought! 

BurnoutAholics: status report

I’m happy to see that we have now reached our goal of 100 users. We have already sent the prizes to two of the winners of the BurnoutAholics Day promotion.
I had a look at the site statistics today and we have now had over 10000 unique hits. Total page hits just reached 70000 which mean that each visitor on average visits 7 pages. We are very happy with these numbers and the average daily page hits is increasing steadily. The average daily number of unique hits for September was 115! For August this number was 71. This is a huge increase and we are really happy to see that the popularity of the site is growing.


BurnoutAholics Day Give Away Winners

Today member number 100 joined and we have now reached the goal for the BurnoutAholics Day give away. We did the prize draw today and we would like to congratulate the following winners.
  1. fro bro 75  (T-shirt)
  2. tizerist (T-shirt)
  3. daveleeuk (Poster)
 The winners will be notified by email and if they do not respond within 21 days we will redo the draw for that prize.


New Burnout Revenge Clips

We have added 5 new Burnout Revenge clips today. Have a look at them in the Top Revenge Clips page. Please note that we are using Microsoft SilverLight for all our new video content. If you don't have it installed you will be asked to do so. If you are using Windows 2000 or older you will have to download the video files using the download link for each clip.


Latest news about Burnout Paradise

I’ve just listened to the 4th episode of the Crash FM podcast. Go listen to it. It is cool!
There was lots of interesting information about Burnout Paradise and I’ve tried to sum it all up for you in this article.

Burnout Paradise Screenshot


Spread the Word

Both Xandu* and ZombieTron** have been mentioned by Alex Ward which has helped to spread the word about but I think you can do better!
Can you get the name out there and really bring in new users?


Member content:

You now have your own Inbox!

All users have now gotten their own inbox for private messages. You can now send PMs to all registered users on "Write to author" links are available from all blogs, comments and forum topics. You can also create new private messages from any user profile or from your inbox. I hope you all enjoy this new feature.


BurnoutAholics Forum Goes Live!

BurnoutAholics have voted for a Forum. So, here it is!

The forum is embedded in the BurnoutAholics site, so you do not need a different user name or login password. When you log in to BurnoutAholics you are also logging into the Forum.

This Forum will be moderated. The Terms of Use apply to the forum as do the following Rules that I learnt from my Mum.

"Treat other people as you expect to be treated yourself" and "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all"

However these Rules from my Mum should be broken.

"Do not speak unless spoken too" and "Be seen and not heard"


Addiction points? What's that?

Some people might be wondering what these Addiction points are all about... well I thought it would be a funny thing to add. Basically the points gives an idea of how active you are on the site.

You get 3 points for a blog entrey, 1 point for comments, 1 point for suggeting a poll that gets put up on the site, 2 points for a FAQ that gets approved and added to our Burnout FAQ. Getting a clip added to the Revenge Clips gives you 5 points (only awarded once pr. user). If you write an article that makes it in to our Featured Articles section you can get anything from 5-50 points. There are lots of ways to earn points, but please remember that it's just a way to see how much users have contributed and it is no competition. If people start doing 1 line blogs to get more points I think you all know what will happen.

We have still not decided what to call the points. If you have any good suggestions add it as a comment to this post. We will do a poll and if your suggestion gets picked we will give you 5 points

Edit: Then we're sticking with ZombieTron's suggestion.


Show off your coolest Burnout Revenge clip

Do you have any cool Burnout Revenge clips you want to show off to your fellow BurnoutAholics? There might even be a little reward in it for you if your clip is the best and also it will automatically give you another of our achievements

If you are already a member add a comment to this post and include the name of the clip you want uploaded. If you’re not already on any of the BurnoutAholics Team member’s friends list (Xandu, BurnoutAholics or ZombieTron) you will get a friends request from one of us. When you have accepted we will download your clip. We will then send you a message when the clip is available. It’s really simple.

We have a rating system on our clips page. That means that YOU can rate the clips you like or hate!

If you are not already a member just sign up and you will also be able to have your clips uploaded.



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