New Burnout Merchandise - This stuff you might actually want!

Criterion Games have updated thier Zazzle store to include some fabulous new merchandise.

The Millionaires Club and Criterion Elite T-Shirts are now available to purchase.
Burnout Paradise Stunt Run Millionaire's Club T-Shirt

Criterion Elite License T-Shirt

You can also now purchase mugs with the new Criterion Games Logo and the Burnout 3: Takedown Logo.



Criterion Games Guide to Hosting in Paradise

Thought I would repost this from CG's page as it gives some good guidelines for how to be a good host on Burnout Paradise, you can also see our own hosting guides:

The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise

The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise - Part 2

What is a Good Room?

Think you know the rules of Freeburn? Test out your knowledge with The Referee's quick and simple quiz (answers below).



Big Surf Island: All the footage from Qore

Here is what we have all been waiting for, this is a link to Qore's March episode on You Tube, this is the first link I found and you do have to wait through the loading at the beginning, but after that is all the Island footage for you and a peak inside Criterion Games offices in Guildford, UK.


Qore Episode 10: Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island


Cops and Robbers

Criterion Games have released a few pictures of the future DLC which they are calling "Cops and Robbers Pack".

Criterion Games say this will bring the thrills and spills of cops and robbers car chases to Paradise City.

There are no further details of how the gameplay will work, and this will probably be the last DLC to be released, so don't expect to see it anytime soon. Here are the pictures:

Cops and Robbers 1

Cops and Robbers 2

Cops and Robbers 3



How Paradise is changing on the 6th of February

Criterion Games have release full details of how Burnout Paradise is changing with the update released on the 6th of February.

You can read all the detail on the Criterion Games website HERE and now you can see more about it on Crash TV episode 21

New Visuals

Here is a rundown of the changes:


U-Turn on Re-Starts!

A little while ago when the PC demo of Burnout Paradise was announced we saw that the PC version of BP has restarts, a feature that was not included in the console version..... until now! (or soon, the 5th of Feb to be exact)

Criterion Games have today announced that restarts are coming to consoles in a FREE update on the 5th of February.

"...this overhaul to the game includes the introduction of our all-new in-game website and awesome in-game store.  We've also worked on changes to game modes, visuals, the entire vehicle dynamics system.  Oh, and we've added a restart !"

The 5th of February also sees the release of the Party Pack swiftly followed by Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on the 6th of February.


Burnout Paradise Merchandise

Criterion Games have released a range of Burnout Paradise merchandise. Ranging from mugs to t-shirts, posters to bumper stickers, even an apron!

Burnout Paradise Merchandise

The merchandise is for sale through Zazzle, here are the links to the stores:

US Zazzle Store

UK Zazzle Store

Criterion Games have also asked us, the fans, for ideas of what type of merchandise we would like to see. Send your suggestions to:


Legendary Cars Revealed

The complete Legendary Cars pack has now been revealed over at In the first full Crash TV episode of 2009 there is more footage of the Jensen 88 Special and a first look at the other 3 cars in the Legendary pack.

Crash TV episode 20

The cars are going to be available both online and offline and have more under the hood then their un-legendary counterparts. They each have special features when you press L3 on the controller.

Here are pics of all of the Legendary cars:

The Jansen 88 Special

The Jansen 88 Special

The Manhattan Spirit


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Xandu and ZombieTron

2008 was a great year for! We have seen our membership grow to over 800, and we are rapidly approaching 200,000 unique hits and a Million page views!!

Thank you for all your support over the last year, it is greatly appreciated!

We are looking forward to another great Burnout year in 2009!

Burnout 3: Takedown is having a revival and Burnout Revenge is still going strong. Burnout Paradise has 6 new DLC packs to look forward to, the last of which will be announced by Criterion Games on the 16th of January.

We will continue to bring you all the news from the world of Burnout throughout the year and beyond...



More tips on how to become a faster Revenge Racer

Nero Angelo has written another guide on how to keep up with the fastest racers in Burnout Revenge. It is a in depth guide that requires that you are already familiar with boost and drift jumping.

This guide is called: "The theory of Speed: Revenge" and you can read it here.




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