Bogart is here!

This morning Burnout Paradise version 1.2 (codename: Bogart) was released to XBOX 360 users. All you have to do to get the update is sign in to XBox Live and load Burnout Paradise. The update will then auto download.

PS3 users will have to wait another 5 days for the update.

The update contains fixes and improvements and no extra content.

Here is a list of some of the changes:


Criterion Games reveals the other side of the bridge!

Here are the videos that shows the continuation of the Dust Storm’s journey out of Paradise City and into the first of the new locations.  Criterion Games have not revealed anything about what kind of gameplay we will see on this island but to me this looks like a really good race track  and the bridge is great for stunts.




Your Race in the Game!

Criterion have put up more details on how to get a race that you have designed into the new Paradise Drives.

Got a great race route? We will put it in the game!

There are only 7 start points to choose from, and they are especially looking for routes which are quick and easy to understand, have alternative routes, are battlers or make use of the jumps and shortcuts. 

Try to be original as another aspect being judged is the road less travelled.

The closing date is Friday the 11th of April, so there is still a week to get your track designs tested and polished before submission.

After the closing date please share your designs with us, even if you don't make it into the game, we would love to try them out!


Criterion Games are revealing the first images of one of the new locations in Paradise City 04-04-2008

A couple of weeks ago Criterion Games revealed the first images of the awsome Dust Storm offroad car. At the same time they also dropped a hint about one of the new incredible locations in Paradise City.

On Friday 04-04-2008 Criterion Games will reveal the first images of one of the new locations showing how it's all coming together. Be sure to check out for the latest news.


Freeburn Game Modes & Ranked Race Changes

Criterion Games have announced some changes on the way in a future update in Crash FM episode 25.

Update 1.3 or "Cagney" will include major changes to game play in the open world and a complete overhaul of ranked races online.

Freeburn Game Modes

There will be more challenges added and these will have a timed element to them. As well as new challenges 3 major new game modes will also be introduced:

  • Freeburn Stunt Run
  • Freeburn Marked Man
  • Freeburn Road Rage

Ranked Racing Changes

As the current ranking system is open to manipulation, the Burnout Team are overhauling ranked racing to make it more fair and accessible for everybody. The major changes are:


Paradise Update and other news

Update 1.2 has left the building!

The 1.2 Update has left the Criterion Offices and is now going to be QA tested before expected release on the 24th of April.

This update deals with a lot of bug fixes and improving the takedown physics amongst other things.

Update 1.2 Details

In other news, Paradise has been featured in the new Wyclef Jean video "Fast Car". The video looks very cool and is a great advert for Burnout Paradise.

Wyclef Jean "Fast Car" Video


Island Paradise for FREE!

The series of Islands which will be released as DLC, each with different type of gameplay, will be FREE to download.

Alex Ward has confirmed on the Criterion Games forum that there will be no charge for downloading the Islands.

This is great news for Burnout fans.

Criterion Games have previously stated that there will be both free and paid DLC. So what will we have to pay for?

New Game modes?

New Cars?

More Online Challenges?

A Speedometer???

As Criterion's plans for DLC are so ambitious the options seem endless!


Hungry for custom routes? Let us feed you!

Since The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map now supports RSS feeds I decided to set up our own Custom Race feed here at So far I've added two races to the feed and I will try and add new routes a couple of times a week. You can subscribe to the feed here.

To look at all of the routes from the feed in The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map click here.

Thanks to senocular for adding this very cool feature to the map!


Burnout Paradise Leaderboards

A couple of months ago we added "Points on my License" to your profile. We are now using this data for top 10 leaderboards in each category. Are you in the BurnoutAholics Paradise Hall of Fame top 10?

We have added a couple of new categories to the "Points on my License" today. You can now update your best Stunt Run score, Showtime Score and best Takedown rampage. Go to your account to update "Points on my License" now and join the BurnoutAholics Hall of Fame showdown. Please make sure that you input your scores in the correct format (digits 0-9 no other characters are allowed)

Please note that any member can request photographic evidence (screen shot) of any score submitted. If the request is not met all your scores will be removed.

I will be adding new top 10 leaderboards every week for the next month so there will be lots of categories to compete in. We will not be doing leaderboards for best drift, oncoming, jump distance and power parking.


Burnout Paradise Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Burnout Paradise Hall of Fame!

As of June 2nd 2011 it is no longer possible to add or edit submissions to the Hall of Fame.  We have updated the leaderboards to show the top 50 in each category. Thank you very much to everyone that joined in the competition for the best scores!

Below is a list of the leaderboards. Click the links to go the leaderboard of your choice. You can also access the leaderboards directly from the menu.



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