The Bridge is OPEN!

Check out this video where The Burnout Team is showing of the Dust Storm which is a new car for Burnout Paradise. I can't wait to race this bad boy on the dirt track! 



Burnout Paradise Checkpoint Map

For the last couple of day I've been working on creating a map containing all the checkpoints, start lines and finish lines in Paradise City. I've based my map on senocular's brilliant Paradise maps at

Burnout Paradise Race Checkpoint Map

Here are some of the features of my Race Checkpoint Map:



Burnout Paradise Version 1.2

Since release of Burnout Paradise The Burnout Team have been working on making Burnout Paradise even better. They have been playing, listening and responding to feedback from the community. A update is nearly complete and here are the details so far. 


Confirmed Changes to Paradise

Criterion Games have confirmed a few additions to Burnout Paradise over at the official forums at EA and Criterion Games.

Matt Webster "Road Rule Worldwide Times are coming.... "

Alex Ward "Custom soundtracks for PlayStation3 are DEFINITELY coming...."

There have also been hints to what future DLC may contain..

Alex Ward "I hear 'Big Surf' is really expanding and going places these days......"

We will bring you more confirmations and gossip when we hear it!!



The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise - PART 2

Part 2: Hosting Races – The basics

In this article I will try and unleash the full power of the Burnout Paradise Event Editor and hopefully enable the reader to create his or her own races online. Originally I was going to go straight on to the advanced stuff but after reading forums and talking to lots of people online I realize that I first need to explain in detail how to setup a race using the Burnout Paradise Event Editor. You can actually create other races than the default ones, races can have checkpoints and YES; it is possible to make races with laps!

Edit a custom route in Burnout Paradise


The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise

This guide will give some tips on how to make the online experience in Burnout Paradise more fun and less frustrating for everyone. After playing Burnout Paradise for more than 120 hours and doing lots of online play I’ve noticed that hosting in Burnout Paradise can sometimes be a challenge on its own. To me it is important that people have a good time and don’t get frustrated with the game. I’ve written this multipart guide to try and explain how to host a good game in Burnout Paradise that will keep most people happy.

Part 1: Hosting challenges

Hosting in a open room:

Hosting challenges in a open room can be a very difficult task since you never know what skill level the players have. You might be facing mic and camera less noobs that use 5 minutes to press the boost button for one of the boost challenges. By the time he or she finished the challenge most of the players will be in a bad mood and most likely leave the game.

Challenges in Burnout Paradise


Official Forum at

The Official Forum is now available, so if you have any questions for the developers of Burnout and Black that you really didn't want read out on the Crash FM podcast, post it on the forums instead!

Criterion Games Forum



Demo Going Offline Soon

The Burnout Paradise demo will be taken offline on the 15th of February 2008.

So, if you are still undecided on Paradise, download the demo and try it out before the 15th of February to give the online a go before you buy.

After the 15th you will only be able to play the demo offline.

This info is from the Crash FM Podcast 19.



Burnout Paradise Vehicles

Below is a complete list of all the cars and bikes in Burnout Paradise including the sponsor cars. Sponsor cars have been tagged with (S). We have also added the stats for each car to make it easier for you to compare them. If you want to download the table as a PDF click here (not updated).


My First Day in Paradise - Winners!

As it turns out that I can not use any of the codes that Sonic STX sent, I have 4 x codes to give away!

It was a lot of fun reading through some of your first day experiences, but there can only be 4 winners. I will be sending the winners their codes by PM today.

Read More to see the 4 winners stories.




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