Steel Wheels Code GiveAway - "My First Day on Burnout Paradise"

We have a Steel Wheels code to give away! (Thanks Sonic STX)

To win, all you have to do is write a story based on your first day of playing Burnout Paradise.  Send me your story in a PM (private message) by midnight GMT on the 28th of January 2008.

We will give a Steel Wheels code to the best entrant. This contest is open to Members Only. We reserve the right to publish any entries on The judges decision is final.

Please note the codes will only work in the USA and Canada.


Member content:

Crash FM podcast 16 and 17 is here!

Paradise City: Where the jumps are clean and the sights are pretty. In podcast 16 Criterion Games take a look at the process of designing such a large and complex open city. 

Get the lowdown on Burnout Paradises stuntastic new mode from the guys that invented it in podcast 17.


Got what it takes to rule the road? Prove it!

Hit the streets of Paradise City in one of three video challenges for your chance to win a copy of Burnout™ Paradise.

EA has announced a competition where they give away a free copy of Burnout Paradise to the best entry in three categories (Stunt Run, Damage Limitation and Maximum Mayhem). Check out the details here.


Burnout Paradise Demo still Online

You will still be able to play the Burnout Paradise Demo online with up to 3 other people. EA announced this yesterday when the number of players online was reduced from 8 to 4 in one game. Read the full story here.


Paradise Demo Online is Over in about a Week

News from the News section in the Demo from DJ Atomika:

"Sad news folks, I've been asked to tell you that in preperation for the launch of the full game in a couple of weeks time, the online part of the demo will stop working in about a week. (boo hiss!). Don't worry; all the offline stuff will still work fine.

But the good news is that the full game is out in just under two weeks where you will be able to get back online and Freeburn across the entire Paradise City map (YEAH!)."


Burnout 3: Takedown a Blast from the Past!

Burnout 3: Takedown is coming to XBox Originals on Monday 14th of January 2008. The game will cost 1200 Microsoft points and includes all the original features. Some of you might have heard rumors about the Burnout 3 servers being shutdown. This is not true they are live and kicking.



Two Part Epic Podcast! Crash FM episode 14!

Coming in at just under 3 hours and split into 2 parts the new Crash FM podcast promises to answer ALL the questions that have been sent in.

Crash FM Podcast Episode 14


BurnoutAholics at Criterion Games!

On Saturday the 6th of October 2007 Xandu and I went to Criterion Games in Guildford to play Burnout Paradise for the weekend.

We drove up to Guildford in the morning full of excited anticipation! It took ages to find a parking spot, and then even longer to find Criterions offices!! But, eventually we made it and Hamish Young let us in and showed us around.  The first thing we saw at the top of the escalators was a Full Size Revenge Racer which had crashed through the wall.


Member content: 2007 Recap

2007 was a great year for The prototype web site was lunched 2007-01-01. In May work on the site in the form we know it today began and 1 month later we opened up for registrations. We started counting unique visitors 2007-06-01.
Here are the stats for the last 7 months:
Unique visitors: 20027
Average unique visitors a day: 125 (last 4 months)
Total page views: 124958


Extra Cars in Burnout Paradise

UK Burner's can now get an Extra car by pre-ordering Burnout Paradise at GAME, just like the US can by pre-ordering at GameStop.

 Wal-Mart Racer



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